Welcome to the homepage of Fusion's Chao Editor, the ultimate chao editor for Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure 2.

This application was developed by Fusion, an administrator at the Chao Island website. It was originally developed as a modern alternative to GerbilSoft's SADX PC Memory Editor v2.00 BETA, which has not seen any update since 2004 and is difficult to even get running due to the legacy technology that it uses.

This program has come to support a great deal of additional features, and has even been updated to work with the Steam releases of SADX and SA2B. It is the number one chao editor for any PC chao game.

You can get started by checking out the features and screenshots, or just go ahead and download it now!


Version 2.1 released!

I have just released version 2.1 of Fusion's Chao Editor! This new version restores compatibility with the Steam version of Sonic Adventure DX (which had been broken by last week's patch). Please make sure you've updated to the latest version of Sonic Adventure DX!

Version 2.0 released, with support for SADX and SA2B on Steam!

The second version of Fusion's Chao Editor has been released! This new version brings some major changes, including support for the recently released PC version of Sonic Adventure 2, as well as the 2011 release of Sonic Adventure DX on Steam. There are also many more settings available now, including chao personality, health, classroom skills, toys, seeds, and more! Be sure to read the full list of changes!

The Steam version of Sonic Adventure DX

Whilst my SADX PC Chao Editor works well with the regular PC release of Sonic Adventure DX, I have recently been notified about compatibility issues with the new Steam version. This post is just here to make you aware of this issue and to let you know that I'll try to resolve it soon.

Version 1.0 released!

The first version of Fusion's SADX PC Chao Editor has been released! As the very first release, there may be some bugs; however, I have thoroughly tested it and haven't yet found any. My program supports a vast number of features which other editors do not, including control over second evolutions, animals, fruits, hats, the Black Market, and more!