Chao hacking

This section covers information on chao hacking. All of this information has been collected by me through research and reverse-engineering.

This is all targeted at technical users who want to know more about the programming of chao. Some examples of how this information could be used are: the development of cheat codes for the console games, the development of a new hacking tool, or simply to better understand the inner workings of the games. See the links on the sidebar to the right for information about a specific topic.

If you just want to edit your chao on the PC versions of SADX or SA2B, then you can safely ignore this section — just use my Chao Editor instead. It'll do all the work for you!

If you need any further assistance, then please contact me.

Data types

The SADX and SA2B games use various data types for different kinds of data: for example, bytes, shorts, or floats. Some of these values use enums; all of the known enums used by the games are documented on the Enums page. To avoid any confusion (especially regarding the signedness of data types), I have put together a table below. This table lists the names of data types used on this website, and clarifies exactly what they are.

Name Type Signedness Bytes Used
Byte Integer Unsigned 1
Signed byte Integer Signed 1
Short Integer Unsigned 2
Int Integer Unsigned 4
Float Floating point Signed 4